13/11/2007 - Gullivers Travel Associates Party

The Fabulous Group really came up trumps this time. There had been last minute behind the scenes mayhem because just a few hours before the start of the evening the venue that the event was originally supposed to take place in suddenly had a power short. This was due to workman hitting a power cable outside the venue which left half the street without electricity. The solution?? Fabulous Group simply 'picked up' the whole event and transferred it to another fabulous venue which seemed made for this wonderful party.

Atmosphere provided three very different pieces of enertainment. The guests were astounded when first a waiter burst into an operatic song only to be joined in song by two other Opera on the Run singers who had been masquerading as delegates for the whole evening. After a short time Delia Du Sol took to the floor with her wonderful breathtaking contortion act which is guaranteed to leave the audience 'open mouthed'. Finally Bruce Airhead brought the humerous element with his very unique balloon act that had the delegates in stitches. All in all a very successful evening.

<a href='/artists/Specialised-Artists/Angel-Statue/43' alt='Angel Statue'>Angel Statue</a> 

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Gullivers Travel Associates Party Gullivers Travel Associates Party