The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Atmosphre Boys perform with Peter Andre today on the Alan Titchmarsh show which also features Lulu and Connie and Brian Freedman from the X Factor.

Live at Studio 5

A very busy Promo Day for Peter Andre and Atmosphere BoysBradley Charles and Rob Anker. Peter started his day appearing on breakfast TV and then was joined by his dancers for a live performance on the Alan Titchmarsh Show. Then a quick dash across town to the Live at Studio 5 studios for another great performance. Once again the choreogrpahy was done by Atmosphere's Kenrick Sandy

Peter Andre on Strictly

Peter Andre pleasently suprised many people with his new track Defender and new look and feel choreography by Atmosphere'sKenrick Sandy . Atmosphere also provided dancersTomas Simon,Bradley Charles,Mikey Frome,John Graham,Rick Bhullar, Nathanial Impram Jones and Rob Anker who were also featured in the video of 'Defender'