Dirty Sexy Lingerie

An hour of spectacular visual and audible delight featuring SUPERSTAR DUNCAN JAMES &The only SUPERMODEL DJ - CAPRICE. watch them spin the tunes back to back whilst stunning models, dressed only in Caprice's exclusive designer lingerie range, dance and entertain......


TCSJOHNHUXLEY wanted an oriental feel for their two day product launch at the Casino at the Empire in Leicester square. They selected beautiful Atmosphere models Junia Djojonegoro and Kara Cunningham as their Brand Ambassadors for a new game of Touch Table multiplay roulette.

Fabulous Group Event

Men in coats opened the entertainment and had the audience in stitches with their amazing visual comedy act. Next Jewel left them literally opened mouthed with their contortion duet. Finally Duke took the stage, and if you haven't seen these guys you are missing out bigtime!!!