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Use the login box below to administer your personal profile. This will allow you to control how you are represented. We recommend that you keep your profile regularly updated.

Once all your details have been filled in, the staff at Atmosphere will look over your profile then add you to the site. You can come back and amend your profile whenever you need to.

It is very important to only use images of yourself that are a true representation of how you currently look.

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Atmosphere Privileged

We want to look after you

An agency is only as good as the people it represents which is why we want to look after you. We are a non-exclusive agency because we wouldn't dream of preventing you from working as much as possible. Our only stipulation is that if we call you first for a job then your loyalty for that particular job must be with us.

As an atmosphere artist you are automatically part of our Atmosphere Privileged Club, which entitles you to free entry to the most prestigious clubs, discounts in top hair salons, boutiques and even car showrooms. Details of Atmosphere Privileged will be in our next newsletter.

Dancers and Models

Unless you are a seasoned dancer or model we recommend that you also consider yourself for some featured background roles. This is the quickest way to be noticed by directors, choreographers and casting directors who have the habit of using artists who are already familiar to them.

When we are casting background artists for a particular job a casting call will appear on the homepage of the site. When you login to your personal profile you will be able to see full details of the job. If you are available on both casting date and shoot date and fit the description of what is required, please call the office to be considered.